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How well is your workplace?

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Sign up to the Wellbeing@Work Index™ by 8 December 2017 to take advantage of a special introductory discount. See below for details.

Wellbeing in the workplace has been shown to drive employee effectiveness and engagement, boost business performance and help to attract and retain top talent.

But it's been difficult to measure - until now.

The Wellbeing@Work Index™ will help organisations identify and understand gaps in their wellbeing strategy and evaluate the impact of their current wellbeing investment.

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What is the
Wellbeing @ Work Index™?

The Index has been designed to help Australian companies understand, measure and improve the wellbeing of their people and workplaces. It incorporates insights from Medibank's health expertise, coupled with research from Deloitte Access Economics and Deloitte's Human Capital consulting capabilities. This combination allows us to measure wellbeing from the perspective of both employees and the businesses they work for.

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Get a fresh perspective on your workplace wellbeing

The benefits of participating
Understand the impact your workplace is having on your employees
Identify gaps and opportunities to improve your wellbeing strategy
Benchmark your wellbeing against other organisations*
Monitor your organisation's progress and return on wellbeing investment
Why does this matter? Understanding where the gaps are in your wellbeing strategy is crucial for truly getting the best return from your investment in wellbeing. Organisations who successfully create happy and healthy workplaces can expect to:

Boost business performance

Recruit, retain and engage the best people

Enhance corporate reputation and brand

* subject to an appropriate minimum number of participating organisations

How does it work?

The Wellbeing@Work Index™ is available to organisations with 100 or more people. It is the only workplace index that measures wellbeing across four pillars - Mind, Body, Purpose & Place - and from the perspective of both employees and the organisation.

The process behind the Index is simple:

STEP 1: We assess your current state

Employee Survey

Employees' perspectives on organisational wellbeing and engagement.

Executive & HR Department Survey

Leadership’s perspective on its performance managing the wellbeing of its people.

STEP 2: We analyse and compare your results against these four pillars:


What is the mental health and resilience of your employees?


What is the physical health of your employees?


Are your employees connected to your company's purpose and values?


Does the physical and social environment and leadership of your organisation, support and enable wellbeing?

We calculate your overall Wellbeing@Work Index™ score and generate your online wellbeing dashboard with insights and scores to improve upon.

A flexible solution for you

There are two versions of the Index which organisations can choose from:

The Base version:

We provide the survey and a report card on both employee and organisational results across each of the four pillars.

The Premium version:

An annual subscription that allows organisations to understand the survey at a divisional and demographic level for additional insights. An interactive dashboard will enable drill-downs into demographic break-downs and deeper analysis.

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Register your interest

Join some of Australia’s most passionate organisations using the Wellbeing@Work Index™ to embed wellbeing into the DNA of their company, and drive positive impact across Australian business. 

Start understanding, measuring, and improving the wellbeing of your organisation and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and happy workplace. If you would prefer to have a conversation with a Wellbeing@Work Index™ ambassador first, please email wellbeingatwork@deloitte.com.au.

Why did we develop the Index?

Deloitte and Medibank have both a strong focus on wellbeing in our own organisations, coupled with a personal commitment from our leadership to the importance of wellbeing. We want to share our insights to help other businesses get the most out of their health and wellbeing programs.

About Deloitte

Our firm wide strategy plans to position us as a leader in the market for business and talent. The Deloitte Wellbeing strategy is built on the fundamental premise that wellbeing drives engagement and high performance which in turn results in better retention and improved productivity, thereby resulting in better outcomes for our people and the Firm.

The purpose of Wellbeing at Deloitte is to promote and support a holistic approach which allows our people to realise their potential both personally and professionally.

For more information visit: Deloitte

About Medibank

Both the public and private health system is essential to the health and wellbeing of Australians. While our world-class system has many strengths, it's under a lot of pressure. Healthcare is costing more and is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Medibank is working across the healthcare sector to ensure our 3.8 million members and the wider community continue to access world-class healthcare.

For more information visit: Medibank