Deloitte 2019 NRF Retail Study Tour

Join us in New York City where IMPACT happens together!

Register your interest in the NRF Retail Study Tour:
This event is hosted by Deloitte alongside AOPEN, ARA, IBM and NORA. Your details will be shared with these Marketing Teams for the purposes of this event only.

What will you experience as part of the Deloitte NRF Retail Study Tour?

In addition to your full 3 day conference pass, if you register through Deloitte, you’ll be exclusively invited to:

  • Join a Retail “Safari” Tour as we go ‘behind the scenes’ of some of the most innovative retailers in New York 
  • Participate in a personally guided tour of hand-picked vendors at the NRF Expo hall. Our knowledgeable guides will assist you in exploring innovative retail technologies, experience product demos and learn about ground-breaking solutions that will help transform your business
  • Attend keynote addresses, breakout sessions and events run by Deloitte as part of our involvement in the broader NRF conference program
  • Gain insights into the future of customer behaviour and shopping at a global masterclasss with leading experts on future technological advances in retail.
  • Network with Deloitte's international retail guests and contacts at a range of dinners and events at New York's most exclusive restaurants and bars
  • An optional one-on-one debrief session after the Tour back in Australia to distil the insights and think through how best to apply the learnings and opportunities to your business
  • Join your fellow tour guests at a cocktail event in Australia in March 2018, to share experiences and developments.
Watch this space for updates as the 2019 Tour itinerary continues to be finalised.

“It was nice to be able to experience the NRF with other companies from the Australian marketplace and take away key learnings and insights.” ~2018 Deloitte Tour Attendee

What will it cost?

We ask that you cover the cost of a Full Conference pass at US$2375, however, all additional Deloitte Tour activities will be covered by us. Simply register your interest using the form above and we’ll be in contact to process your registration.

If you have any questions, would like more information or need help registering your interest, please contact Diana Setiawan at +61 2 9322 7487.

Between 12-15 January 2019, Deloitte will once again be taking a select group of Australian retailers to attend the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference, the “Retail BIG Show” in New York City as part of our NRF Retail Study Tour (“the Tour”).

“The learnings and insights were significant, provocative, opportunistic and challenging. Thank you, I came home inspired!” ~ 2017 Deloitte Tour Attendee

What is the Retail BIG Show?

The NRF is retail’s most significant three-day event, bringing together top industry players from around the world with one common passion - to disrupt the status quo and drive innovation in retail. You’ll leave with an unparalleled view of how retail brands of all sizes are transforming themselves for the digital age, and new ideas on how to take your organisation to the next level.

Watch this short video or read last year’s wrap up for more on what you can expect.

TThis year’s Show will include notable presentations from Brian Cornell (Board Chairman & CEO, Target Corp.);  Ira Kalish (Chief Global Economist, Deloitte); Ian McGarrigle (Chairman, World Retail Congress); Nick Molnar (Co-Founder & CEO, Afterpay); and more.